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Christian Poetry

Christian Poetry; Including poems by Maud Van Order of Michigan

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Wish

  • I wish that I had been a bird,
    A snow-bird would be best of all,
    Then I would sit up in a tree
    And stay right through from spring ‘till fall.

    I’d sit up in the branches high
    And hear the wind a-wailing by.
    And feel the snow-flakes downward fall,
    And oh, I know I’d love it all.

    I’d see the sun a-shining bright
    O’er meadows, making mellow light.
    At night, when moonbeams crystal shone,
    I’d hide away ‘till dark had flown.

    I’d see the trees and fields snow-bound
    And watch the ice king track around.
    Then, when the spring’s warm breeze would blow,
    I’d stay to see old winter go.



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