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Christian Poetry

Christian Poetry; Including poems by Maud Van Order of Michigan

Monday, September 28, 2009

My Prayer

  • I hope to ever keep the white light burning in my soul,

    And ever keep my ideals clean and whole.

    I hope to shun the dark and dreary ways,

    Keeping my eyes toward the light always,

    I hope to leave a ray of light when the day is done,

    To help my children dear to follow on.

    Maud E. Van Order
    (my Great-Grandmother)
    July 10 1946

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Earthly Treasures

  • A bough of apple blossoms
    Rain washed ‘neath blue sky
    A yellow tulip leaning
    Against a wall nearby
    A bluebird perched upon a bush
    Trilling a gladsome lay,
    A spray of goldenrod a-smiling
    And nodding across the way
    A sparkling April shower
    A rainbow lighting the sky
    A row of purple lilacs etched
    Against the twilight
    Of a sweet spring night,
    And over all canopy
    Of heaven’s starry light
    A group of little children romping
    Beneath a gnarled old apple tree,
    These are few of earth’s bright treasures
    To make life sweet for you and me

    By Maud Elinor Van Order