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Christian Poetry

Christian Poetry; Including poems by Maud Van Order of Michigan

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Good-bye

  • This much to you I’ll say- the darlings of my heart-

    That though I’ll be away, we’ll not be far apart;

    For though I’ll leave you for a time, or if I stay,

    Mother love like mine can never go away.

    Believe my love is standing by your side,

    Whether good or ill may in your life abide.

    Believe I’m near, and think the best you may,

    For darling girls, my love can never go away.

    Mother (MEV), June 2, 1935

    Written to daughters Wilma and Ardice, left behind in Michigan when she went to California with her husband and three other daughters; Alta, Avis, and Clova, and granddaughter Mary Helen (my Mother), Avis’ daughter


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